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Hi, my name is Linette Mattei Caraballo. I’m a Master Healer based in New York and Puerto Rico.

I come from a long line of medicine women who served their families and communities, through spiritual guidance, energy healing and plant medicine. And you know what? You probably have some healers/medicine women/curanderas in your family tree as well. We are all healers, it is part of our most natural and basic state. To nourish, nurture and serve. But not just caring for others, caring for ourselves is part of it all.

Growing up in Puerto Rico was very special. My grandmothers and mom have been medicine women all their lives. I’m so grateful and blessed for them. My mother would take me with her to see the town healer. This healer had a small temple behind her home. It was a small concrete structure, where people came to be healed, to receive guidance, receive blessings, and other various requests. There was a huge altar with lots of beautiful candles, statues of saints and angels, flowers, fruits, photos, paintings, water vessels. There was a  table with chairs, where the council would sit. And a large water vessel for blessings and cleansing. I would sit and watch quietly. Everyone loved and respected the medicine woman deeply. I didn’t understand back then how important she was, and how important my presence there was, but I do now.

When I decided to come to NY, it was a big leap for me. I settled in NYC, and soon I had an office job. I had a really good guide who took me around the city and showed me how to navigate very well. The city has so much to offer, so much to see and experience. You can take a class on almost anything you can imagine! So of course I jumped into it all: Feng Shui, Herbalism, kundalini yoga, Reiki, to name just a few. I met some like-minded people, and dived into my spirituality. I learned so much and the experiences…I could go on for pages and pages haha! 

In 2011 I began to practice Reiki, after finding Pamela Miles, who is a Reiki Master of deep wisdom, caliber, kindness and professionalism. She gave me a solid foundation to my healing practice, and created a warm and inviting community. I began to practice monthly at the Reiki clinic, which Pamela organized in the Marlene Meyerson JCC in Manhattan. I also began to volunteer at the annual Spa Day for Women with Ovarian or Breast Cancer that they organize, and I volunteer at other various wellness events.

In 2017 I began to volunteer at Macy’s (Herald Sq.), offering corporate wellness sessions to my colleagues, and raising money for various charities. This work was the turning point for me. I knew that serving people, helping people feel better, was what I am meant to do. 

Since then I have been leaning more into my healing practice, serving, and expanding. Today, I offer powerful distance and in-person healing sessions, combined with intuitive guidance. And the offerings are about to expand even more. 

Thank you for being here.



Not only has my Reiki practice helped me get a more restful sleep every night, it has also helped me reach a level of focus I was struggling to find before.

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