Reiki helps your system balance.

It gives you a boost into self-healing.

Maybe you are tired of feeling tired but not being able to sleep much. Maybe, you are recovering from surgery and are looking for a boost to your healing process. Or maybe, you’ve been very stressed lately and want to feel better.

There are many possible reasons why you are here right now, searching for an alternative to all the other options you have been looking at and/or trying, for the benefit of your overall health. Someone may have mentioned Reiki to you, and here you are. Whatever the reason is, I welcome you and I am so glad that you are here now.

You may already have an idea about what Reiki is, or you may be looking to learn more. Reiki is one of those things that are better experienced than explained. However, I invite you to follow the link to my What Is Reiki page to read up a little more if it interests you. 

My name is Linette Mattei, and I am here to serve you.

Thank you for being here.

Reiki helps your system balance. It gives it a boost into self-healing. Clients have reported feeling calmness, relaxation, clarity of thoughts and general well-being after one treatment.

During a Reiki treatment, you will lie down on a table, fully clothed, while the practitioner places their hands lightly in specific placements on the head, torso and then the back.

Customer Reviews

What do clients say about Reiki by Linette?

“I had long heard of Reiki but was skeptical of it. So when Linette started doing sessions at our job last year I jumped at the chance to try it. Seven sessions later I am a BELIEVER in Reiki. I am much more relaxed and at peace after our sessions…vital to get through the stress of my job. Plus, Linette has a terrific personality…a very easygoing vibe & always a pleasure to talk to. So glad I signed up…and you will be too!”
Lolita Beckwith
Copywriter | Creative
“Reiki sessions by Linette are the highlight of my day. They reset my mood, put my chronic pain at ease & it’s just incredible to be in the calming presence of such a lovely healer. You need Linette’s Reiki in your life!”
Dina-Marie Kolman
Creative Designer

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